Stall Rates

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Stall Nos. Type Area     


Rate (Rs) */ sq. mtr.
30 Premium Block 70 14300.00
1,29,31,38,39,46 Prime Block A 36 11500.00
34,35,42,43,73,119 Prime Block B 36 10300.00
4/22/5,26,69,70,115,116 Prime Block C 64/54/36 9750.00
7 Booth 54 7650.00
2,3,6,40,41,44,45 Booth 36 7650.00
8-14 Booth 42 7650.00
15-21 / 25 Booth 42 / 54 7650.00
23,24,27,28,32,33,36,37 Booth 36 7650.00
66-68,71,72,112-114,117,118 (Hall 2 & 3) Booth 36 7650.00
56,57,83,84,102,103,129,130 Booth 9 10300.00
47,74,93,120 Booth 9 9750.00
48-55,58-65,75-82,85-92,94-101,           104-111,121-128,131-138 Booth 9 7650.00
OD1 Booth 120 10300.00
OD2 Booth 108 11300.00


VAT @ 13%  Extra on above rates.

Stalls 1-14,  39-46 For Finished Goods
OD1 & OD2 For Machinery
Others Open for all

*(Above rates in NPR for Nepalese participants only ;INR for Indian &equiv USD of INR rates for foreign participants)

“Stalls will be booked on First come First Serve Basis.”

Payment: 50% advance with booking, balance before 10th September, 2018

Early Bird: 5% discount if booked within 25th July, (extended to 5th August)2018 with full payment.

For PNF members: 10 % discount on above rates.

Terms and Conditions


  • The term “Exhibitor” means the person, firm or company with whom this contract is made.
  • The term “Exhibition” shall mean PLASTNEPAL 2018
  • The term “Organizer” shall mean PLASTNEPAL Foundation.
  • The term “Event manager” shall mean Event Solution


The contract shall be established when the exhibitor submits Reservation/Contract Form duly filled,    signed and stamped along with 50 % advance payment.

3. Exhibitors are requested to limit themselves within the space/stall/area allotted to them. Disturbing or encroaching space beyond the space allotted is strictly prohibited.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to accept the request, to revise the layout and the allotment of stalls.

5. The Organizer & the Event Manager shall not be responsible or liable to the Exhibitor or to any one at the stand/stall or in the exhibition premises for any accident or injury suffered or for any damage to or loss of any chattel/merchandise.

6. Although maximum security measures will be followed, the Organizer & the Event Manager will not be responsible for any theft, damage or unforeseen calamities in the exhibition premises. The Exhibitors are advised to insure their merchandise through their insurers.

7. Although proper arrangement will be done for providing stabilized power, The Exhibitors are requested to take suitable measures to safeguard their equipment against any accidental power fluctuations.

8. The Exhibitor can also use audio/video gazettes and carry out activities within the space allotted, provided the sound is limited to decent audible volume which will not disturb the neighbouring exhibitors.


In case the event is postponed or cancelled, the liability of the Organizer is limited to refund the rent paid by the Exhibitor. No cancellation or demand for refunds will be entertained once the contract is established.

10. The Organizer reserves the right by notice to change or to add to the terms & conditions in this contract. The Exhibitor shall bring the Terms & Conditions to the notice of all servants, employees or agents employed by the exhibitor.

11. The Organizer reserves the right to be the final authority in settling any dispute in accordance to the existing Nepal’s Laws.