Polymer Market In Nepal


Polymer Consumption 170000MT per annum
Major Polymer Industries Pipes & Fittings (HDPE, PVC, PPR, CPVC, LLDPE), Paint Pail, Blown Container, HDPE Drums, Garden Furniture, Household Goods, Disposable Cups, Plates & Cutlery, Pen, Caps & Closure, PET Bottles & Jar, Woven Bags, AD Star Bags, Non-Woven Fabric, Poly Bag,Polyethylene Bag, Liners, Multilayer Flexible Packaging, Sheets, Roto& Blow Molding Tanks, Road Safety products, Ropes, Electrical Switches & Fittings, Footwear (PVC, EVA & PU), Crates, Straws, Wire & Cable Compounds, Masterbatches, Filler Compounds and many others.

About Polymer Market

About Polymer Market

South Asia is the fastest growing region in the world.  Harmonized regional trade policies, a strategy for increasing exports, and improved physical infrastructure to connect Nepal with its neighbors could help Nepal reap the benefits of South Asia’s rapid economic growth. Further, Nepal’s strategic location of being in between two large economies, India and China offers unparalleled and preferential access to their market.

Nepal possesses the fundamental economic ingredients needed to fuel broad-based economic growth and job creation.  Nepal has passed through the political transition and is now well poised for rapid growth. Newly elected government has clear people’s mandate and is focused at rapid industrialization by utilizing its industrious and youthful human capital to spur economic development and address Nepal’s trade imbalance with its neighbors. The government envisages to establish industrial zones in all the newly formed seven provinces. The electricity situation is improving and road infrastructure is being built all across Nepal to ensure last mile connectivity.

Plastics have become an integral part of modern day life. Nepal’s plastic conversion capacity and demand are expected to see double-digit growths in 2018-2019, partly on the back of industrialization and planned infrastructure development in the country. Hence, there is tremendous potential for Plastic Machinery manufacturers, Raw Material suppliers and Service Providers to be a part of this rapid growth. However, there is a need to create awareness towards proper utilization and reuse of plastics.

Nepal’s plastic industry has an investment of around Rs 40 billion and employs 60000 workers. The industry had a growth rate of 15% percent last year.The contribution of the industry to the economy even though it pays taxes amounting to Rs 5 billion annually.